Quality and Governance

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Quality and Governance

Aged Care Consultancy Australia finds most of its risk issues with poor Clinical and Board Governance.  Are you managing you Board?  Are you covering yourself legally?  Is your clinical governance transparent? How well do you do root cause analyses?  Do your incidents and issues really improve the business and minimise risk?  

Board Governance 

 Is your Board acting with the due diligence, integrity and lawfulness is needs to?

  • Is their frequent discussion and communication about values and ethics?
  • Is their open dialogue, constructive challenge and reporting of concerns to prevent negative consequences?
  • Is there a strategic approach and succession planning that includes considerations of current and future skill and diversity?
  • Are Board charters/manuals reviewed periodically and updated to reflect changing board composition and organisational strategic direction?
  • Is ethical considerations factored into board selection, evaluation and education?
  • Is the Board reviewed regularly and systematically assessed in its performance as a whole and as individuals?
  • Are new board members encouraged to provide critical feedback?
  • Is Board culture reviewed and analysed including; ethical culture, ethical leadership, risk culture, board involvement, governance culture and management style and workforce engagement.

Aged Care Consultancy can review and improve as required your Board Governance to optimise its performance and minimise your risk. 

Clinical Governance

We know that the benchmarking exercises you do look great but you know if you are honest with yourself that there can be often a hurricane forming underneath that you don't know about.  We are experts at finding out what is happening - doing root causes analyses to establish issues and facilitate strategies for you to address before they become an issue.  Let us use the data better than you can, to undertake trend analyses and establish cause and effect relationships in your business before they become high risk.  Clinical Governance is complex and hard - you have to be prepared to delve into data and ask hard questions - let us do that, to enable your business to grow and minimise client complaints and senior management turnover.

Quality Management Frameworks 

Have you got a Quality Management Framework, or just a set of policies and procedures that people use (or don't)?  Let us pin it all together with a system and logic that can facilitate user interface and accessibility.  Quality Management Frameworks are imperative yet we don't value the simplistic nature of these to enable your staff to make the best use out of your systems and processes - thereby creating unnecessary risk and stress! Have you considered the new ISO9001 Quality Management Standard and how you comply! 

Policies and Procedures 

When was the last time your reviewed your policies and procedures? How do you know you included all the legislation and best practice guidelines - I'm positive that you haven't!  Let Aged Care Consultancy Australia fill in the gaps - use process maps to make senses of your policies, use evidence to affirm your practices and minimise your risk. We can help make you business risk adverse and use evidence based practices to optimise your care.


Aged Care Consultancy Australia specialises in start up companies.  We can provide you the systems, processes and advice to make the money you predicted whilst achieving quality and care outcomes you want. Let us solve your business solutions whilst you focus on how much money you can make. 



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