Leadership & Workforce Development

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Leadership & Workforce Development

Leadership is the most critical part of your business. If you can't develop and grow your leaders you will have no business! Leadership requires work, support and growth - let Aged Care Consultancy Australia grow your leaders so you can get the best out of them.  

Leadership Development

We know that new managers take 6-12 months to immerse themselves into the business, to learn the legislation and get comfortable to manage the operations. Are you new into the sector and need some support? Have you got a new manager starting that needs to learn the business and you honestly don't have the time to mentor him or her? Let us provide that mentoring relationship with your manager to help you do the best job you can quicker and with more credibility! 

Clinical Expertise

Aged Care Consultancy Australia has a team of health professionals, including nursing and medical professional trained to provide you the best advice and support for you and your team when you need it.  We sit on the Editorial Board of the Journal of International Journal of Palliative Care and Medicine, Associate Professor in Gerontology roles, and Evidence Based Practice Reviewer for Joanna Briggs Institute for Evidenced based Practice. We have published internationally on clicnial and care issues - let us guide you in your care!    

Education and Capability Development 

We can give you the best face to face and onsite education you have ever had BUT really is that going to change practices - NO!  It will only tick a box for accreditation!  Let us redefine how you educate, lead and improve practices. Take a chance on education because developing a Teaching and Research Aged Care Organisation (TRACS) is not about the number of education hours, it considers professional development, capability optimisation, performance development and leadership.  Don't just carry out the annual Training Needs Analysis - analyse it and make the data work for your money. Consider low and high fidelity simulation top optimise the workforce mix you have in place and the increasing client acuities presenting. Aged Care Consultancy Australia will help you optimise your training budget and get the outcomes you want! 



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