Business Optimisation

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Business Optimisation

Aged Care, Healthcare and Disability is arguably the best and yet most challenging industry to work in.  Aged Care Consultancy Australia specialises in making you money, optimising the business and making your life easier.  Let the experts that have been doing this for more than two decades transform you business strategy and let you concentrate on what you do best - care! Strategy Planning 

Strategic planning is often forgotten and frequently just an add-on rather than a driver to a successful business.  Businesses with a proactive strategic plan that meets:

  • the changing consumer needs;
  • the complex milieu;
  • SMART indicators to achieve your plan; and
  • one that really drives the team to achieve the business needs long term rather than the immediate crises at hand,

will only THRIVE in the complexity that challenges us all each day.  Let Aged Care Consultancy support you to drive forward and meet the needs of the future. 


Aged Care Consultancy Australia has the systems and knowledge to assist you to make more money and optimise your resources. Let us optimise your EBITDA and KPIs through a supportive and facilitative approach to business improvement and system optimisation. 


We have a 93%success rate on grant submission.  We have been successful in more than 4 rounds of Aged Care Approval Round Grants, Research Grants and similar grants, equating to more than $35m p.a. funding for our clients. We have some of the best success rates in grant writing in the industry.  Talk to us about how we can optimise your business.


Aged Care Consultancy has been publishing research for the past decade with the sole focus of improving policy and practices.  Consider subscribing to their regular aged care consultancy updates whereby new research is synthesised and reviewed to provide you valuable advice on how to improve your organisation.

System Implementation & Optimisation 

One of the most high risk things that you can do in a business is implement an electronic system.  Aged Care Consultancy Australia is highly specialised in assessing the system, planning and implementing an electronic system to minimise your business risk and optimise business performance.  Don't take this lightly - bring in the experts to minimise your risk and plan your success! 

Case Management

Case Management is a complex series of engagement strategies to better facilitate learnings from clients and optimise the business management.  These strategies have been validated to improve satisfaction, improve client acuity, decrease workload, minimise wastage, reduce resource utilisation and improve clinical efficiencies. Aged Care Consultancy Australia is internationally regarded as experts in this area and can facilitate improvements in your business and client outcomes.   

Redesign and Redevelopment

It takes a Nurse and a Doctor to really understand how to make your floor plan work best!  The architect and designer can make it look good but functional usage is where you will loose money, create inefficiencies and promote tension - Aged Care Consultancy Australia has a team to help you see what you hadn't seen and optimise things to make you money as well as make your staff happy! Contact us as soon as possible! 

Aged Care Consultancy Australia 

Aged Care Consultancy Australia is not a normal consultancy - We are a one stop shop that works with you to optimise and develop your business.  We know you have bad days, we know you have times where you just need reassurance, and there are other times where you need someone to save the day.  We are there for all of those times - not to just walk in and walk out and leave you with the crisis, but to be there for you for whatever you need to meet those benchmarks you have been set.  Call us to talk about what support we can give to you! 

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