Wait Lists in Aged Care

Nicole Brooke - Monday, May 09, 2016

You can no longer expect that residents and clients in aged care are just going to turn up.  We know that you are not going to get many referrals through MyAgedCare or other government referrals.  It all depends on relationships, branding and positioning in google!  

You cant be ignorant about the need to have an active an well managed CRM!

You need to make sure you have sales and marketing as a budget item and that this money is well used and evaluated!

You need to ensure you are in front of a client / family within 12- 24 hours from first contact!  That contact should be the consistent person they engage with until admission.  

You need to really consider the on-sell from the outset.

Do each of your position descriptions include sales and marketing KPIs now?  They should!  It doesn't matter if you are a cleaner, cook or the manager - your ongoing employment depends on the effectiveness of your sales and marketing and the end occupancy KPIs.  

Im not trying to sound blunt about it - its the honest truth!  Consumer Directed Care is already embedded into community care / home care and it wont be long before it is in residential care.  I realise this is focused on residential care however there is relevancy across home care.  More than happy to discuss this with you!

The following are things to consider to improve the effectiveness of your sales and marketing.



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