Making Policies Work for You!

Nicole Brooke - Wednesday, June 01, 2016


  • We know that policies literally sit on a shelf and bread dust mites!
  • We know that they don't get implemented correctly or revised regularly!
  • We know that policies are critical for compliance!
  • Policies need to be accessible - at point of service with good search capability behind.
  • Policies need to reflect high risk and core business processes.
  • Procedures should be automated with embedded workflow into your systems to escalate issues and give key decision makers reliable data at a time when they need it and elucidate trends.
Implementation of policies relies not on a checklist to say staff have read it - NO!

Implementation of policies relies on attending training at orientation and staff meetings - NO!

The answer is a lot more complicated (not that I want you to think its too difficult but you cant expect traditional communication methods to ensure consistent implementation of policy).

So what is the answer to successfully implementing policies, in addition to your quality management framework:

  1. Workplace supervision
  2. Regular performance development and workplace feedback solutions
  3. Automated and comprehensive orientation processes
  4. Risk management approach to policies and processes
  5. Automated workflow management - procedures are automated and escalated accordingly.
  6. Training that highlights policy (ideally online training with supplemented skills based on-the-floor training)
  7. Quality audits and system checks to ensure implementation of policy elements
  8. Overall governance strategy and strong leadership approaches
  9. Well documented 1-2 page reporting and escalation scale
  10. Policy formats are easily digested, pictures, flow charts and brief/succinct



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