Learning Management System Review

Nicole Brooke - Thursday, February 04, 2016

5 Reasons why to implement a Learning Management System (LMS):

  1. Increase Compliance;
  2. Increase Governance;
  3. Reduce Training Costs and Increase Hours;
  4. Increase Employee Satisfaction and Engagement; and
  5. Support Transitions to IT Systems.
Things to Consider When Choosing a Learning Management System (LMS):
  1. Organisational risks (including future market risks - eg - staff needing sales capability);
  2. Systems currently in use and potential needs to integrate (including where the true source of data lay);
  3. Products and services used and their use of online training (SCORM files);
  4. Compliance and mandatory role specific training (undertake a skills matrix);
  5. Current administrative requirements that would be reduced or increased
  6. Document control processes in place;
  7. Recent training needs analysis and attendance / feedback data and results;
  8. Contractor management issues/training/ credentialing (including students, agency staff, sub contractors); and
  9. Organisation specific needs (including philosophy, policy training, onboarding/orientation needs, system training).

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Andrew Dollman commented on 05-Feb-2016 09:56 AM
Nicole, this is a great checklist for those considering the shift to, or indeed updating their outmoded systems of delivery. Thank you for sharing this valuable resource.

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