Interview of Dr Nicole Brooke

Nicole Brooke - Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Catherine O’Mahony, Director On Q Recruitment, in conversation Nicole Brooke, CEO Aged Care Consultancy Australia on Corporate & Clinical Governance & Leadership outcomes


Nicole why did you open your own consultancy business?

I started my business a year ago, I never expected to be a consultant, I was actually anti consultant. As I am passionate about working in partnership with people with the same values as me for the long term for them to succeed, not to see a consultant as a band aid solution. I believe my role is to help and guide key people and drive their capability and embed their learning in business optimisation, risk management, governance and management leadership. I want us to grow together but with the ultimate the aim that they don’t need me”

In your opinion where do you think industry is at with Corporate & Clinical Governance?

“20% are the front runners; they have the right mix with their board, good staff and they are investing resources for the clinical and corporate governance. It’s about excellent workflow, electronic systems, accurate data at finger tips and a solid strategy, and thinking 10 years out for the consumers. 60% know about it, but the lack of infrastructure and investment in the right resources is holding them back. A lot of the providers are still using paper based documentation, and it is increasingly difficult to audit and use data without having electronic systems in place. And I think about 20% are in denial all together”

What do perceive is the biggest barrier to industry in joining the top 20% ?

“Great question, broadly speaking barrier lies in systems, allocation of resourcing and leadership. For example many companies lack of proper quality management systems and many are still using paper based documentation.

What would your final piece of advice be to industry leaders?

“My advice is to invest in the right skill sets and resources, to reduce risk and improve efficiency. Recruit good leaders and mentor them with everything you can offer, so that they can be the best they can be, as they will drive strong organisational corporate culture, improve efficiency, good corporate & clinical governance and community engagement. Allocate resources, train the leadership teams, add electronic data management and develop a robust quality management system. “

To learn more visit about Corporate & Clinical Governance visit or contact Dr Nicole Brooke on 1300 277 818 or email


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