DoH Webinar: MyAged Care System Improvements

Nicole Brooke - Thursday, October 06, 2016

Co-design workshops held by MyAged Care with 155 participants over 4 days and 4 workshops.

Workshops gave participants an opportunity to provide feedback, improving policy and processes.

Top findings:

In the final stage of each workshop, participants voted on topics that mattered most to them. These are the top solutions tallied across all he workshops.

  1. Improve access and delivery of information to potential clients. Simplify the information
  2. Enable service providers and health care professionals to follow up on referrals (improved tracking and feedback for referrers)
  3. Enable service providers to track inbound referrals (improved workflow management for providers)
  4. Improve MyAgedCare system performance
  5. Create a service referral process for needs that are identified through a specialist assessment
  6. Clarify when to conduct a review or a new assessment
  7. Improve the utility of support plans for service providers
  8. Support special needs client interaction with MyAgedCare
  9. Make improvements to National Screening and Assessment Form
  10. Create greater transparency around the client journey to prevent confusion


  • Service providers support materials including user guides are available to assessors and providers -
  • There are 3 types of service referrals that a service provider can receive – Prioritised, Broadcast, referral code
  • Wait list on MyAgedCare (take up has been very slow)
    • Service providers can receive electronic referrals for a client to be added to a waitlist
    • A client can be accepted onto one or more waitlist for the same services
    • When a client is drawn into services, they are removed from all other wait lists for that service type
    • Providers will be notified when a client has been removed from their wait list.
  • Service providers can access the results of an assessment and can see this information before they accept a client

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