Department of Health Webinar Summary: Increasing Choice in Home Care

Nicole Brooke - Thursday, October 06, 2016


Summary of Key Points

  • Noted changes to CDC an packages to consumers on 27/2/16
  • Approved Provider status as it currently stands will expire after 2 years however as of 27/2/16 there will be no expiry date.

New Provider Application

  • Incorporated Company
  • No disqualified personnel
  • Organisation must be suitable to provide aged care
  • Doesn’t need to have aged care experience – but it needs to look at experience in providing relevant similar experiences. Need to have people with appropriate experience and qualification.
  • What does the department look for in an application;
                 Need to explain legislative understanding
                 Describe the system and policies in place to deliver on home care standards and how they will be met
                How would you deliver standards in line with CDC – demonstrate it (not just paper ticking)
                Accounting systems, ensure cash flows, budgeting, financing processes, financial management
                Organisational governance systems - day to day and strategic oversight – corporate and clinical governance including AP responsibilities
                HR systems and client record systems – governance and processes to address clients needs.
  • New Form A – New providers enter the aged care sector to current CHCP providers
  • New Form B – For existing providers who are already acting in either Residential or home care

Reasons for errors

  • Applications take 90 days of submitting to make a decision however there are often incomplete information or insufficient information provided.
  • Common Errors – questions remain unanswered, missing financial information, police checks
  • Common Missing information – not understanding in the information, organisational governance structure is unclear, not understanding legislation, not explaining how changing care needs will be met.

Changes as of 27/2/16

  • New smart forms are being developed.
  • Greater focused on the organisation and systems in the organisation

How will existing and new Approved Providers

  • Current home care AP with previous allocation – they are on MyAgedCare and will remain there (need to check in advance that the information is up to date and accurate)
  • Current or New AP with no current ACAR allocation – The department will have a process in place to get these APs on MyAgedCare from 27/2/16

Quality Provisions for Home Care

  • Doesn’t matter how many clients you have – you will still need to apply for Accreditation
  • Quality Agency Principles are being changed and reviewed to support these changes
  • New APs or those who have ceased and now restarted will need to be assessed through a self assessment with Quality Department then possible face to face assessment
  • They will need to put in a self assessment and a quality review at least once every 3 years – regardless of number of clients you may have
  • Department will continue to review against common standards
  • Sampling across the service will still be undertaken
  • Doesn’t matter how many clients you have – you will still need to apply for Accreditation

Where packages are allocated to consumers – when an AP is approved – there are no restrictions on which level of packages they are providing. Once you are an AP home care – you are assumed to be available to provider all levels of care. You will need to updated MyAgedCare with the levels of packages you are supporting.

Because there is no longer an allocation – there is no requirement to offer services to specific geographical regions. Care can be given wherever a provider can provide it.

Partnership arrangements in place – Even though other organisations are acting in brokerage arrangements to you clients, you are still responsible for compliance with the standards, the way care is delivered, the governance arrangements and the manner to which accountability is maintained.

There are no prescribed qualifications for key personnel – but they are able to appropriately skilled personnel to meet the needs of clients, manage the administration and finance systems in the organisation. There needs to be skill sets appropriate to the needs of the organisation and clients. Key personnel have significant influence over a providers operation.

The new approved provider - MAC process will be a bulk system process. there's no reason why new AP's couldn't get their logon's to MAC sorted and set up before February. Providers have an expected time frame between accepting referral and commencing services, so not practical for providers to accept referrals now.

If you have any questions about applying for Approved Provider please call us at Aged Care Consultancy Australia 1300 277 818 or


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