Admissions and Automation

Nicole Brooke - Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Admissions in residential aged care are not accomplished well! I know most of you are thinking that you have great occupancy sitting at 96% and that your bosses are happy with that.  But we need to do better to activate our waiting lists, develop our community relationships more and increase our conversion rate (those who inquire against those who are admitted).  

How many of you are on a first name basis with all the key hospital staff in your local area? 

How many of you visit the local hospitals to meet potential residents before you accept the admission or are you so time poor and not actively concerned by who (you know what I mean) is admitted?

How many of you dont ask key questions at first contact so you can plan your admissions process and tour?

How many of you dont complete most of the admission before they are admitted?  Honestly we spend most of Day 1 of admission asking inappropriate and intense questions to residents and families in front of ALL their family (surely the great grandchild doesnt need to hear us talking about their behaviours of concern, continence and cognitive status)!  Why cant most of this be done before admission and make the first day - pleasurable and relaxed.

But --- the main point to this blog was to ask you to carefully think about the way technology can help automate admission and settling in processes.  Why cant we use alerts to tell people about the tours, admissions, the checks and balances (turning the air conditioning on, checking the room, ordering flowers for day 1 etc.).  I think you need to start thinking about how technology can help assist you to manage and minimise your workload.  If you dont have electronic systems that automate your workflow OR you are still operating on paper - please contact us to talk about a better solution - Thats our EXPERTISE!!!



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